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10 Questions for Annie lead singer of AUTUMN DRAGONFLY

Hi Annie and thanks for taking time with us…

Couple of questions for you..

Q. When did you first start singing and realized you had a talent to sing?

Well,  I've  been singing ever since I was little girl, I loved to listen to the radio and sing along. I guess the first time I realized I was pretty good at it was my later years in school, in choir, high school choir.

Q. Were there any certain singers or styles that you aspired to try or emulate?

Being a mezzo soprano myself, I've always been drawn to female vocalists who know how to use their lower range such as Patsy Cline, Karen Carpenter and Sarah McLachlan. I am also a huge fan of rock greats such as Stevie Nicks, Ann Wilson and Sheryl Crow.

Q. What do you like most about playing in a duet? Especially with Chas?

The intimacy level that we achieve between vocal and guitar…we can get really particular within our own instrument and, once combined, the sound we achieve is amazing.

Q. Your original songs “When I Found You” and “A Real Good Night” are so different- one very emotional and one is great fun, party song.  Which is more your style??

When I wrote  "When I Found You", it was a huge challenge, as well as an honor for me, being that my girlfriend that I grew up with asked me to write her wedding song for her and "When I Found You" was it!! I felt a tremendous amount of pressure in writing this song because I wanted it to be so special. Little did she know we were only about a week away from the wedding and nothing had come to me yet. To add on to the pressure I was already feeling, she asked me to perform this song in the church during their ceremony. I was driving in my car, where I feel a lot of inspiration, and the first line of the song finally came to me. I rushed home and then had the rest of the song written in 15 minutes. I am most proud of this song because it didn’t come easily to me, but it turned out absolutely beautiful.

 I wrote a "Real Good Night" down in Nashville with a very good friend of mine Jon Conley {currently  touring with Kenny Chesney). We were going for a fun, upbeat rock and roll song which had somewhat of a county-like feel. When I introduced this song to Chas, he added his own personal flare, transforming the country feel we started out with into more of a Rolling Stones rock-like feel. I tend to write toward whatever emotion I am feeling at any given time. 

Q. Autumn Dragonfly is an intriguing concept, with your role of that innocent, seducing singer, much like the Greek Song of the Sirens, with Chas the mischievous one that you somehow tame with your voice. Do you attempt to do this with the stage performances also? 

Oh absolutely…I love drawing the crowd into me, especially when I start singing our very first song and all the heads in the crowd turn my way.

Q. Your stage look and performance have a very classy, almost a throwback, look and feel. Yet you manage to have this air of mystery and ability to grab your audience. Is this a conscious  thing or does it sort of happen in the moment?

Well, image has always been a conscious thing for me and Chas…captivating the crowd comes more naturally. When I'm performing live that's when I'm having fun, so I try not to think too hard about anything, except maybe the lyrics, lol.