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Combine the mezzo-soprano multi octave voice of classically trained Annie,  with the musical arrangements and guitar voicing of Chas and you get the perfect combination of fresh renditions of songs you have always loved or the thoughtful and inspiring originals. Take a listen or come see our stage show-you'll be hooked :) Remember - Autumn Dragonfly music 

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 Autumn Dragonfly formed in August 2014...and we were flying high from the start. Inspired by classic ballads, the duet got off to a fast start and haven't looked back. We sat down for days and just played non-stop--soon we had a pretty solid act that we continued to hone with practice.We're up for a challenge and continue to push ourselves--we love the reaction from the crowd!

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​​​​    Autumn Dragonfly

our new 7 song CD is for sale now! We are so excited to share this with you!!

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